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Getting Started

Preparing worksheets

It is mandatory that you should always identify the first row of your sheet as header. You can use any character or any length, but it is recommended to use alphanumeric characters only. Take this sheet below as an example

1 name state country population
2 San Francisco CA USA 3314000
3 Los Angeles CA USA 12458000
4 Washington, D.C. null USA 5207000
5 Tokyo null Japan 37400068
6 Shanghai null China 25582000
7 Paris null France 10901000
8 São Paulo null Brazil 21650000
9 Madrid null Spain 6497000
10 Toronto null Canada 6082000
11 Chicago IL USA 8864000

The fields name, state, country and population will be used as object keys. Each row afterwards are transferred to below JSON:

  "rowIndex": 2
  "name": "San Francisco",
  "state": "CA",
  "country": "USA",
  "population": "3314000"

Sharing your spreadsheet

Sheetson has taken security serious by not letting your spreadsheet published to the world. Instead, you only need to share your spreadsheet with our email as an editor, then we will handle the rest.

Getting spreadsheet ID and sheet name

Spreadsheet ID and Sheet Name are required to manipulate data. Below is a guide where you can find such information.

Sheet Name is case sensitive, so please make sure you use correct name when making API requests.